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Legs on Lace II

Legs on Lace II

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"Legs on Lace" is a leggy nude bodyscape composition in warm/cool duotone. It looks a little like a color photograph, but it is technically a monochrome image that has been colorized using two colors.

Captured in soft natural light with a shallow depth of field to render the background out of focus and accentuate the the subject. Tones and gradations are relatively soft, yet full range - with highlights on the subject and deep shadows. The lace fabric complements the model's personality and sophisticated taste. Grain is prominent. I often add grain for several reasons: I like it; I like the nostalgic nod to enlargements from film negatives like Kodak Tri-X; I like pointillist effects; and I think the addition of visible grain can help separate a "photograph" from the perception of an attempt to replicate or represent a reality; it can make an image more abstract, not referring directly to something or someone specific.


  • Paper Size: 17 x 25 inches
  • Image Size: 14 x 22 inches
  • Margins: about 1.5 inches
  • Paper: 100% cotton rag paper. Archival grade. Matte.
  • Edition of 5 prints.
  • Date: 2023
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