About MCO

 Artist Bio

Mark Olson is a Wisconsin-based photographer and artist. His themes emphasize the abstract – shapes, forms, lines, color. Words and street ephemera, like weathered signage, can capture his attention, and landscape is a recurring genre. Figure study and artistic portrait work is a growing interest.

Olson has a foundation in traditional black and white film photography and darkroom printing with training at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse and an M.A. from Ohio University, Athens. Transitioning to digital photography, digital art, and archival color inkjet printing is an ongoing and rewarding journey.

Making beautiful, striking archival quality prints is a passion. Mark oversees his own printing to ensure quality and consistency. He finds that the journey to making a fine print, and the insight required to do so, is a key part of the creative process and produces enduring results.

Mark was the owner-operator at Olsonography, a gallery that showcased his work and the work of other artists in Cambridge, Wisconsin. The gallery’s name later changed to Mark Olson Fine Art, and it was a stop on the Earth, Wood, and Fire Art Tour for several years. It is now exclusively online.

His website, mcofineart.com, is the best place to browse and purchase prints.