About MCO

 Artist Bio

MC Olson is a Wisconsin-based photographer and artist (artographer). His themes or compositions can lean toward the abstract – shapes, forms, lines, color, light against dark. Words and street ephemera, like weathered signage, can capture his attention. Landscape is a recurring genre, and the female nude or figure study is a central theme. 

Olson has a foundation in traditional black and white film photography. It started in his teens, with a basement darkroom and a mechanical Yashica rangefinder. Further training followed at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, and he earned an M.A. from Ohio University, Athens. Olson is a member of the Model Society, a community where the very best models, photographers and artists collaborate and share their art.

Making beautiful archival quality prints is a passion. Olson finds that crafting the fine print is a key part, and unique technical side, of the creative process. It's moving intangible digital code to paper and ink. It's moving from transmitted light to reflected light. Furthermore, the tangible results are rewarding and hold a place in the tradition of photography, painting, drawing, and printmaking.

Olson owned and managed a brick-and-mortar gallery Cambridge, Wisconsin. The gallery showcased the work of various regional artists in addition to his photography. The gallery was a stop on the annual Earth, Wood, and Fire Art Tour, and now it is exclusively online. 

MCO Fine Art 

MCO Fine Art, LLC is an online gallery offering museum quality, original print editions on archival quality papers for the home, office, and collections. Landscape, abstract, nude, bodyscape, figure study, black and white, street, portrait, and still life. All images and artwork © MCO Fine Art, LLC.