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Study 23ST032 - Support Cables

Study 23ST032 - Support Cables

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Steel support or suspension cables at the Milwaukee Art Museum's Quadracci Pavilion by Santiago Calatrava. These steel cables are outside; they support a huge sailboat mast-like structure and function as mainstays, forestays and backstays. I loved the energetic, parabolic shape created by the arrangement of the cables, which might be solid steel rods; not sure. They are white. 

The museum was closed on the day of our visit, but we had a nice walk along the lake. People were setting out chairs and blankets in extra early preparation for viewing a summer fireworks display. It was too hot. One woman was walking around angrily shouting expletives at no one in particular. A motorcycle cop was taking break in the shade and lit up a cigar. My camera bag was feeling a little heavy.

Earlier, we had a brat at Milwaukee's Old World Third Street Historic District. Shuttles were taking baseball fans to a Brewers' game. 

Paper size 8.5 x 11 inches. Release date, 2023. Copyright © watermarks are online only. Find more information about studies on MCO Fine Art's Studies - About page.

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