About Artwork from MCO Fine Art


MCO Fine Art prints are original artwork on paper, signed lower right and numbered in the lower left (1/5, 2/5, etc.). 


A certificate is included with each print. The certificate has the print title, edition information, basic artist information. 

Paper & Inks

The papers are cotton with a natural, off-white tone, no optical brighteners, and a matte surface with a light, subtle texture (a little like hot press watercolor paper). Acid free and rated archival quality. Archival quality colors are pigment based from Epson.

A Note on Color

Paints and inks on paper and canvas produce colors via reflected light, and those colors will present differently from images on computer monitors or phones, which is transmitted light. Colors produced through transmitted light vary depending on type of monitor, monitor settings, gamut limitations, and age of monitor. For tangible works, like paintings, drawings, and MCO art, the light source will affect the look of colors. For example, colors look different in different light, e.g. tungsten light, full-spectrum light, northern light, shade, etc. Fortunately, the eye is very skilled in interpreting color in different settings and tends not to perceive color as clinically as a camera. 

Displaying Works of Art

Display works on paper under glass away from UV light sources (sunlight, fluorescent lights). Purchase framing direct from MCO Fine Art at time of purchase, or have framed professionally with archival methods and materials. Reframe every 20 years.