When I was a boy, my family visited my aunt Marge after her husband, my uncle Phil, passed away. She asked me if there was anything of Phil's that interested me. She showed me his darkroom equipment, and it fascinated me. A few months later, I was developing film and prints in my family's basement using Phil's enlarger and trays. Hours flew by like minutes.

One of Phil's family portraits is below. In his shirt pocket is a light meter. Hidden in his hand, he has a remote shutter release connected to the camera by a long tube. Squeezing a bulb increases air pressure which pushes down the camera's shutter release. I was not there, but I know this because, in addition to the darkroom equipment, I inherited the light meter,  squeeze bulb, and long tube rolled up on a wooden spool.

Flash forward, I opened a gallery in 2002, in Cambridge, Wisconsin, to show and sell my traditional black and white photography. At the time, Cambridge was an artsy community, especially known for its artisan potters, including but not limited to Mark Skudlarek's Cambridge Wood-fired Pottery. An extended duration of road reconstruction slowed Cambridge's vitality to a stand-still, and I moved the gallery to Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, where I joined forces with Susan Danielson's Main Street Framing. It was in Fort Atkinson that the gallery expanded to introduce other local and regional artists. I enjoyed hosting quarterly art shows in the evenings. After closing, festivities meandered to the Café Carpe just a couple blocks away.

Influences & Inspirations Include All Artists,
Including but not limited to...

Dmitry Baev, JP Caponogro
The Impressionists & Pointillists
Robert Henri
Cartier-Bresson, Haas, Stieglitz
Adams, Ray, Avedon, Lange,
John Claude Kraus, painter. (1960-2005)
Thomas Sobota
Pat Martino, Johnny Smith, Bill Evans, Jobim
Elling, Desmond, Nancy Wilson, Jim Hall
Fuji X Series Cameras
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